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Complete Leaf Removal in Fairfax Station, VA

When you look outside, is your beautiful yard, driveway, or sidewalk covered in leaves? The team at Craig’s Lawn Care can help with leaf removal in Fairfax Station, VA. You’ve put so much time and effort into the exterior of your property, and our lawn care services can help you show it off.

When the leaves begin to fall off of your trees—typically between late October and December—our team will be there to assist you. Most leaf removal and gutter cleaning services require 2 to 4 visits. Why? To make sure that when new leaves fall, it doesn’t look like you didn’t have a service come out to assist you. Contact us to schedule an appointment for our lawn services.

Effective Leaf Removal & Cleaning

Our objective is to remove the most leaves from your property in the shortest amount of time. We will put leaves on the curb for the municipal vacuum service in the neighborhoods where we can. In communities where this option doesn’t apply, we offer our own vacuum service to pick up the leaves at an extra charge. Leaves are usually vacuumed up within 24 hours.

Why do we do it this way? Because we feel that it is the best way to deliver the results our customers are after at a considerable saving—especially when compared to paying for the labor of putting leaves in plastic bags. Speak to one of our staff members today to learn more about our leaf removal and gutter cleaning services.