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Lawn Mowing in Arlington, VA

At Craig’s Lawn Care, the main focus of our company is providing professional lawn services in Arlington VA and the surrounding areas on a regular, consistent basis. We provide affordable, dependable lawn care service for residential properties throughout Fairfax and Arlington Counties. Our crews are professional and courteous. Our reputation for maintaining a reliable schedule has helped set us apart from our competitors.

The mowing season typically begins around late March/early April and continues through late October/early November (depending on weather conditions). Mowing service usually occurs Monday through Friday (and on Saturdays when necessary) between the hours of 7:00am and 9:00pm, in accordance with the Fairfax County and Arlington County noise ordinances. Our mowing service includes mowing of the grass, trimming the close in areas inaccessible by the mower, edging, and blowing the walkways and driveway. We typically mow lawns on a weekly basis; however bi-weekly (every other week) and temporary service are considered but at approximately 25% more cost than weekly service which accounts for the added incremental growth and the time required to mow the grass.

For more information on our lawn care service in Arlington VA and the surrounding areas contact us today!

We Will Cut Your Lawn But We Won’t Cut Corners